Visitors realize quickly that the truth about Lefkada's beauty surpasses every single rumor. Easily accessible, welcoming and lively, it is the ultimate destination for a perfect holiday. The access to the island is particularly easy, as unlike the rest of the Greek islands, Lefkada is connected to land by a 50 meter floating bridge.

The Ionian sea is eager to embrace the experiences of the guests of the island. Kathisma beach, Egremni, Porto Katsiki, are some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean sea, awarded with the Blue Flag award every year and many other international awards, will take your breath away.

Wander through the streets of Lefkada's town and take a look of the beautiful architecture of the old buildings. Make a stop for a cool drink and traditional sweets in the, very suitable for the children to play, square.

The west coast is perfect for those who are looking for a unique sunset. Hold your "other half's" hand and enjoy the spectacular view. A great spot with unobstructed sea view is Profitis Ilias in Eglouvi, but also the Cape of Lefkata, where the sun sinks into the deep blue of the sea.

Lefkada is also known as "the island of poets", thanks to the famous poets who were born or lived on the island, such as Valaoritis, Sikelianos and others. Discover the fascinating places that inspired the poets too, and if you want to learn more, you can visit the Angelos Sikelianos Museum and the historic center of Lefkadiou Hern.

Lefkada, with the unique landscape and light, has an intense taste identity and folk and spiritual profile. You can visit the Archaelogical Museum of the island that is housed in the building of the Cultural Center and the Municipal Art Gallery. Be sure to check out if there is any exhibition hosted at Theodoros Stamos Art Gallery, in Marka Square, in the town center.

The tourist profile of the island is completely renewed and offers ideal shelters for enjoyment and relaxation. In the nature or by the sea, with all the modern comforts, perfect aesthetics and high level of service, choose the one that suits you and live your dreaming vacation.

Tips for a fun filed holiday

Daily cruises which depart from Nidri to nearby islands such as 'Scorpios', 'Meganisi', 'Ithaca' and 'Kefalonia'.

Observing or taking part in paragliding in 'Exanthia' village from the popular 'Rachi' restaurant or 'Fly me' bar where you can enjoy your meal or drink. How about staying a little longer to observe the orange drenched sun go down.

It's certainly advisable to visit the blue flag beaches such as 'Mylos' , 'Kathisma', 'Porto Katsiki' , 'Kavalikefta' and 'Egremni' beaches along the west coast of the island. Definitely impressive to say the least!

Kite and wind surf 'buffs' are able to enjoy their beloved sport at 'Agios Ioannis' beach or 'Vasiliki' bay where the weather conditions are ideal.

It is also well worth visiting the waterfall in 'Nidri'.

While you are holidaying here you ought to try traditional Greek cuisine at the many waterfront tavernas scattered along the coastal villages.

There are also many traditional cafes in the small villages where time seems to be at a standstill. Why not stop and observe village life first hand!

For a more hip hop and happening setup, there are plenty of bars / cocktail bars / clubs in Lefkas town, 'Agios Nikitas' , 'Nidri'and 'Vasiliki'.

For the more adventure seeking souls there are an array of activities from water sports, sailing, mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, horse riding, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, kite and wind surfing.

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